I originally planned on having a dedicated Weapons Compartment integrated in the Urban BOB. After thinking about it for a long time I finally decided to make the Weapons Compartment an add-on module that is not actually stored with the Urban BOB. It is an optional module that can be added as a second tier to the Urban BOB as needed. While I do feel that having some form of protection is an important addition to a bug out bag, I have decided to have this be the only private compartment that would not be filmed or discussed on my YouTube channel. My reasons for the decision to make this an optional add-on module are as followed:


  1. Urban BOB Storage Location: As many of my subscribers know, I am married and have a child. I do not feel that it is responsible for me to have a firearm(s) in anything other than a safe or on my person. I do not own a large gun safe and I am planning on storing my Urban BOB in a very accessible location so I can quickly access it during an emergency. While there are other potentially lethal items in the Urban BOB (knives, medication, etc), I would prefer to follow my principle of only having a firearm in a safe or on my person. The last thing I would want is for my child, a potential robber or anyone else having easy access to a firearm that is registered in my name.
  2. Bug Out Scenarios: In 2011, I began to document all of my potential bug out scenarios based on my region and researched the probability of certain events occurring (e.g., books, online articles, etc). I also have been documenting emergency and disaster scenarios that appear on the news to ask the simple question of “would I need a firearm in that emergency”. After researching the bug out scenarios (e.g., earthquake, tsunami, vocanic eruption, blizzard, etc) and the odds of certain events occurring, I prioritized the weapons compartment much lower than the food, water, shelter, first aid and other Urban BOB compartments.
  3. Privacy Concerns: I have some privacy concerns with discussing firearms on the internet. While I am currently known as “TheUrbanPrepper” or “Cliff” on my channel, there are a few subscribers who know my real identify as well as a few select friends, family and work colleagues who are aware of my channel. I am hesitant to inform them of much regarding any potential weapons that I may or may not have. I feel that it is smart to be semi-secretive on certain aspects of your prepping in order to remain stealth.
  4. YouTube Channel Direction: In 2011, I decided to have my channel focus on non-weapons aspects of prepping. There are tons of great YouTube channels on firearms, knives and other weapons (e.g., hickok45, johniac7078). I felt that was best in the interest of my channels nitch to focus on the aspects of prepping that I am interested in; obsessive compulsive prepping and analytical organization.

I hope that the above reasons help explain my decision to make this an add-on module and one that is secret (not discussed on YouTube).


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