Who is TheUrbanPrepper?

My name is Cliff. I am a husband and a father. I live and work in the greater Seattle area. My career is in software engineering and I work for a large high tech company. While my Family, Work and Social life keep me very busy, my hobby is in Emergency Preparedness; often times simply referred to as “Prepping”.


What are the videos about?

My videos cover a wide range of topics revolving around family-friendly emergency preparedness. I enjoy leveraging my skills in software engineering with my prepping projects, such as organization, designing, testing and documentation. While many topics in emergency preparedness are serious, I strive to take a fun approach to the projects through candidness, humor and including friends/family in the videos.


What is “Prepping”?

The topic of prepping revolves are the idea of emergency preparedness. This can mean different things for different people based on region, living location (e.g., urban, rural), lifestyle, occupation, family and the emergency scenarios that one is preparing for. Some people are preparing for extreme emergencies such as EMP, economic collapse, pandemics, society breakdown and terrorist attacks. Others prepare for natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, blizzards, hurricanes or tornados. Some solely prepare for common emergencies such as fire, power outage, loss of job, breakdown of automobile or just general every day preparedness. Regardless of the topic of preparedness, it usually includes building of stockpile of supplies and knowledge. For supplies, the main items are food, water and shelter, although other areas include medical, tools, hygiene, emergency power and more. For knowledge, “Preppers” attempt to learn and practice as much emergency skills are possible: first aid, CPR, alternative power solutions and other survival topics.


How did I get into Prepping?

I feel that I have always had the “Prepper Bug” inside of me, however it didn’t really start to manifest until I became engaged to my wife. A few months before my wedding it really started to sink in that I am now responsible for being a provider to not only myself but also another person. One day I went out to several grocery outlets and LDS Missionaries to stock up an non-perishable food (e.g., rice, beans, oats, salt, sugar, wheat, etc). I stockpiled twenty-five 5-gallon bugs full of this food using mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to aid in preservation.


When my wife became pregnant with our son, the prepping bug went into overdrive since now my responsibilities included providing for a wife and child. I began preparing for various emergency situations and started developing kits for each of these areas. Some of the projects included bug out bags, emergency supplies for a child, comprehensive first aid kits and more non-perishable food and other supplies for family emergencies.


In February 2011, I posted a few videos on YouTube on my EDC (Every Day Carry) Backpack and Urban Altoids Survival tin.  I posted them as an effort to collaborate on ideas regarding prepping with other like-minded individuals. The topic of emergency preparedness is not popular or common for most people locally, however the internet provides one with a method for reaching a wide audience. I soon began posting more videos on YouTube to share the projects I was currently working on. As time progressed, more and more people began watching the videos. As a result, my projects became more strategic. Many people in the YouTube Prepping Community have assisted my development in emergency preparedness and have helped shaped my strategy long term. I now have 200+ videos posted that focus on kits, product reviews, EDC and family activities in relation to prepping.


How will this website differ from the YouTube video content?

YouTube provides me with a great method of sharing videos that I create. This method of providing prepping content will always be my number one priority. This website allows me to provide other methods of content beyond video, such as blogs, social media, product links, current online sales on prepping items, prepping document hosting and more. This website shall compliment my YouTube videos via these other content methods.


TheUrbanPrepper on Social Media

Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out the latest video postings as they are uploaded. For those of you would like to have a closer look behind the scenes on my projects, please Like me on Facebook (@GotPreps) and follow me on Twitter (@GotPreps). I hope to continue to collaborate with many of you on new prepping projects moving forward. Together, we can continue to contribute back to “The Prepping Community” in a positive light.


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