Prepping Projects

There are several ongoing Prepping Projects that I am always working on. The main ones are:

  1. Bug Out Bag: Over a 18 month period, I did a complete redesign project on my Urban Bug Out Bag. The bag is divided until multiple modules or “compartments” that were documented on YouTube.
  2. Home Prepping System: My home prepping items stock all aspects of my emergency preparedness systems, including my Bug Out Bag, EDC as well as general and emergency household items. This project catalogs all items systematically using a multi-tier, multi-level system. The fundamentals used in this series is derived from systems approaches using in Software Engineering
  3. Every Day Carry (EDC): An EDC is a set of supplies that on carries on their person for general use as well as emergencies. I follow a multi-tier approach with my EDC System, ranging from Core items that are on me no matter up to items that are stored in scenarios that allow for a jacket (with additional pockets).


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Prepper Poll
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