RAVPower Duo 7800mAh Portable Charger / LED Camping Lantern

OVERVIEW: RAVPower Duo  7800mAh Portable Charger / LED Camping Lantern

  1. A 7800 mAh high capacity gives you 6 extra hours of juice for your iPhone 5, 15 hours of extra talk time, and 60 extra hours music for most mobile phones.
  2. 8 LED lights can act as an outdoor camping or flashlight. It bulbs can last for more than 72 hours without charging other devices in full power. It’s a great safety feature when you find yourself without light.
  3. Camouplage Patten, perfect for outdoor. 4 LED Intelligent status led lights indicate the current battery status
  4. Input: 5V 1.2A; Output: USB DC 5V 1.2A; Input charging time: 7-8 hours via AC adapter (not included)
  5. Package contents: 1 RAVPower 7800mAh External Battery, 1 USB power wire, user manual.



  1. Dual functionality
  2. Price: Very competitive, yet dual functional. You won’t find a better price for this much juice.
  3. Long lasting lantern (approximately 72 hours) (one week for KP)
  4. Capable of charging multiple device types (phone, tablet, MP3, bluetooth headset)
  5. Auto-Shutoff (to avoid over charging)
  6. Backpack carrying capabilities
  7. Flat bottom for tailstand
  8. Bright base: might want to improve and use for signal mirror?
  9. Nice size for the amps and functionality
  10. 7800mAh is a lot of juice! It will charge everything you need it to charge and still won’t be out.



  1. It does take a long time to charge itself but hey what do you expect (overnight) – NO BIGGIE
  2. Does not get a full 3 chargers (at least in my testing)
  3. Camouflage pattern, bright white charger cable (Black would be nice)
  4. Only comes in one color. Good for outdoor activities, not for Urban EDC. I would prefer Black.
  5. USB cable does not attach to the device
  6. Bulky carabiner, THIN metal loop. I would rather have the opposite in strength
  7. AC Adapter is not included. For max-speed charging of your RAVPower Duo, please check out RAVPower RP-CC01 15.5W / 3.1A Car Charger and RP-UC05 3.1A Dual USB Wall Charger.
  8. Internal 18650 cells are NOT user replaceable




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