BOB Walk 2014: “Bug Out Cancer!”

As part of the Relay For Life cancer benefit for the American Cancer Society, I will be doing a new video series to document my “BOB Walk”. I will be walking the entire duration of an upcoming Relay For Life event (June 13-14) while carrying my Urban Bug Out Bag. My team name is called “The Prepper Community” in honor of Preppers here on YouTube. My goal is to raise $5000 as part of my BOB Walk in an effort to show prepping in a positive light and to help with the ongoing fight against cancer.

BOB Walk 2014 (OFFICIAL):
June 13th-14th @ Mt. Tahoma High School (Tacoma, WA)

Saturday, May 10th @ Husky Stadium (Seattle, WA)

Here is the link to my Relay For Life team called “The Prepper Community”:

NOTE: Press the “DONATE” button if you would like to help out with this cause through a direct contribution. Donations can be made anonymously. Any little bit helps!

Here is the link to the SPREADSHIRT Shop that hosts all of the Prepper themed graphics created by Graphic Designers in the Prepper Community. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society in the name of “The Prepper Community”:

Are you interested in joining my team? Please send me a Private Message here at YouTube to “theurbanprepper”. I would be honored to have your support!

American Cancer Society:
Relay For Life:



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