Urban EDC: Multi-Tiered System (2014)

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My EVERY DAY CARRY (EDC) setup follows a tiered system approach. Rather than just thinking about having “all” of my EDC items on my person at all times, I like to think of them as multiple levels based on my clothing options and specific need. This helps me stay organized with what I decide to carry on my person at all times as well as adds a level of redundancy, in the rare care that an particular item is lost or forgotten. Here is a list of the Tiers and categories:

Tier 1: Core Items
Tier 2: Tools
Tier 3: Survival, Redundancy and Miscellaneous Items
Tier 4: Urban EDC Backpack

The specific categories and tiers should not be considered a universal gold standard in regard to EDC. Everyone’s EDC is specific to their personal needs. However, I feel that this tiered system could be altered and leveraged to other peoples specific EDC requirements. Most people have a personal preferences on gear manufactures and style, however the categories are usually similar to what is documented in this tiered system.



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