Personal / Entertainment Compartment

The following video is the “Personal / Entertainment” compartment for my new Bug Out Bag (BOB). It contains all of the items that I am planning on including in my BOB that are related to personal information and various forms of entertainment. Since I am currently running out of space in my BOB Backpack (5.11 Tactical Rush 72), I have this compartment made up of multiple mini compartments that can fit in the various small pockets of the backpack

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Disaster Plan printout
Nook with Bug Out Library (BOL)
SAS Survival Guide (Mini Version)
Maps and travel information
USB Flash Drive x 2 (one blank, one with Linux boot with encrypted documents)
Micro SD Card (with adapted) x 2 (one Nook BOL backup, one blank)
1.5 TB 2.5″ USB Hard Drive (backup files of entire home network)
Goal0 Guide 10 Adventure Kit (Solar Panel, Lithium Battery Charger, etc)
Deck of Bicycle Cards x 2
Dice x 2
Hard Copies of 10 family photos
Printout of important phone numbers (family, emergency, etc)
Gum x 4
MP3 Player with Headphones (Ex: Sanyo)
Rite In Rain Notepad
Pencil x 2
Pen x 2
Sharpie x 2
Backup Glasses (with headstrap)
Batteries (AA/AAA)
Digital Camera



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