J. Bullivant: Personal Power Generator Test

The following video tests the Personal Power Generator of the J. Bullivant Ultra Backpack while on a leisurely walk with “Baby Prepper” and Mrs. Urban Prepper.

J. Bullivant Professional Ultra Survival Backpack


This backpack is for the serious business commuter who knows why it’s called “The Urban Jungle.” The owner of this pack is confident in their abilities to handle the unexpected…no matter what. Bullets, chem or bio agents, radioactive fallout, blackout, rain, snow, personal assault, water contamination, food shortage, emergency communication needs…Bring it on! With a heavy emphasis on Urban Survival there’s not quite as much room for business stuff, but then again, this guy knows what’s important. Still business-capable and ready.


16.42 inches (L) x 19.57 inches (W) x 6.69 inches (H)


Solar Backpack, Personal Power Generator with Charging Cables, 2-in-1 Charging Adapter, Urban Survival Device, Two-Way Emergency Communications Radio, Urban Combination Tool, Emergency Glow Sticks, Ballistic Shield, Personal Fire Extinguisher, Radiation Detector Card with Iodide Pills, Super Potent Self-Defense Fogger, Microfiber Blanket, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Emergency Foil Blanket, Emergency Foil Sleeping Bag, Emergency Poncho, Body Warmer, Hand Warmer, All Hazards Emergency Escape Hood, Water Purification System, Pandemic Protection Mask, Trauma Kit, Emergency Pill Organizer, TSA-Approved Mini Lock, LED Compact Flashlight, Compressed Towel Tablets, Instant Hand Sanitizer, Mini Roll Duct Tape, and SackPack.



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