Pantry Preps: Pike Place Market

This edition of “Pantry Preps” documents my recent trip to Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington for purchasing cooking supplies for my emergency pantry. Pike Place Market isn’t the most affordable place for buying prepping items, but it is a fun place to visit in general and helps me try to think outside of the box with regard to normal pantry preparations (Ex: rice, chili, tuna, SPAM).

Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)…

There are a lot of great videos online that cover food prepping. Some people are able to have a whole room in their house filled with 5 gallon buckets, boxes of MRE’s and #10 cans. While a portion of my food preps follows this route, my main supply solely consists on having a stocked pantry of regularly used items that get rotated into the kitchen cabinets.



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